Stephen Edwards  
Master Watercolorist            



       On a back road, a farmhouse long abandoned but with character still showing in its ruins; may catch his artist's eye. A  rippling stream with the gentle sounds of the water as it passes along it's course may inspire him to capture that observed moment in a painting.  A rusted piece of machinery with varied colors of deterioration fascinate and appeal to his artistic view of the world. Stephen Edwards is an inspired painter trying to give viewers the ambiance and emotion that he wants all to see and feel in his work.  With the appearance of realism there is a deeper abstract design that goes into each of his works.  He is a master of light and values, those qualities that make paintings sing to the all who look into his world.

        A native Hoosier, born in Indianapolis; many of his works glorify the places, people, and things found within his state. But he has traveled and painted many subjects; and nothing limits what he paints. Primarily self-taught, art has always been a center in his life even as a young child. He seriously began pursuing a career in art in the 1980's. Now he is  considered one of the masters of watercolors in Indiana and the nation. His work has shown in many national and local exhibits including: the Hoosier Salon, Indiana Heritage Arts Exhibition, Watercolor Society Of Indiana, Indiana Artist (Club) and the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society. He is a cofounder of the Watercolor Society of Indiana as well as a signature member.

He has taught workshops in his studio as well as at locations. He will demonstrate watercolors whenever he is given the opportunity and is available.  He considers himself and other watercolorists to be ambassadors of the medium.


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