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Welcome To The Watercolors Of Stephen Edwards


              An old back road farmhouse, abandoned but its character still showing through its ruins, may catch his artists' eye. It could also be a quietly rippling stream with the gentle sounds of the water as it passes between sycamore trees that inspires him to capture the moment in a painting.  It may be a rusted piece of antique farm machinery or just the way the light catches a leaf; really anything. The point is that Stephen Edwards is an inspired painter not just of nostalgia, but really he is a very astute observer of mood, be it his or someone else’s. The subjects vary, but each in its own subtle way express an ambiance or emotion that he wants the observer to see in his work.

        Considered a realist by some critics (those who do not truly look closely at his work) they  truly fail to appreciate the abstract design element that goes into each of his work. Concealed within each seemly realistic subject is a thoughtfully developed layout that tries to utilize both real and abstract concepts. The artist in him at times, compels him to throw the “rules of art” aside. Not only has he been successful doing that, but has won major awards for those works. This is just one demonstration of his skill as an artist.

        A native Hoosier, born in Indianapolis; his works are primarily of places and items found within his state. But he has traveled and painted many subjects and nothing limits what he paints other than it must generate his interest and be a source of stimulus to record his insight and vision. And hundreds of collectors agree on his selections. Each work is unique and represents a one of a kind artwork contributing to the desirability of owning an original watercolor of Stephen Edwards.


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